Men You Should Not See

I am not going to claim that I know everything about men. But like most London escorts I have met my fair share of men. I have learned that not all men make good partners or boyfriend materials. I am sure that many other London escorts have their own opinion when it comes to dating men, and they know that some men are simply not worth your effort. What advice should you take form London escorts and what men should you avoid.

London Escorts On Liar

The number one man you should avoid is the liar. Far from all men I have met during my charlotte London escorts career, have been lairs but I have met my fair share of liars. You can easily spot a liar. He is the guy who always turn up late or phones up with some pathetic excuse why he can’t make it. Relationships with liars never workout. No matter what you think, men who lie will always keep on lying to you. You will soon become a victim in the relationship. Do you really want that? No, I did not think so.

London Escorts On Selfish Men

What about selfish men? I can spot a selfish man a mile off and London escorts do end up dating their fair share of selfish men. These are the men who like to talk about themselves more than they like to listen to what you have to say. They will never ask you what you like to do on a date. Instead, the date will revolve around them and what they like to do. If feel that a guy talks all of the time and brags about his achievements, you have more than likely ended up dating Mr. Selfish. Don’t continue to waste your time. Just ditch him and move on.

Is He A Player?

Yes, London escorts often end up dating players. Players are some of the worst men you can date. They are loaded with bad habits. You will find that a player thinks nothing about lying to you or treating you in a selfish way. Nothing will come out of your relationship. Most players will only stick around until a hotter and sexier girl materialises on the horizon. They are dismissive when it comes to introducing you to their friends and family. Players often date good natured girls who are desperate for male attention. Stay away from them and find a nice guy to date instead.

He Does Not Put In Any Effort

Believe me, there are plenty of men out there who expect to have it all without any effort. When you meet a guy who does not really seem to put in any effort on a date, it means he is full of himself and thinks that he is God’s gift to women. I have come across plenty of these guys during my London escorts career. They are often good looking and believe you should just drop your knickers at a moment’s notice. Forget about them and find yourself who is prepared to put in a bit of an effort into a date or your relationship.